all about tension structures
MPanel Software Products
MPanel software is our base 3D form finding and 2D patterning software for tension fabric structures, working in AutoCAD. 
MPanel-R is the same product as MPanel above, except that it works inside Rhino 4 or 5.

MPanel Design comes in either an AutoCAD or Rhino version, and is the same software as MPanel, but without the production tools. With MPanel Design, all of the form finding and mesh manipulation tools are active, but all of the patterning tools are disabled.

MPanel FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software is an additional module that allows a user to analyze MPanel 3D models for reactions due to environmental factors such as wind and snow loading.

MPanel Shade Designer is a stand-alone (no CAD system required) application that assists a user with the design and patterning of shade sail structures. MPanel Shade Designer has a step-by-step wizard type interface with customizable databases for fabrics, edge types and corner hardware. 

MPanel Production was developed specifically for the Marine Canvas industry. MPanel Production has a wizard type interface that guides you step by step through your project. Working in Rhinoceros software as an add-on plugin, MPanel Production has tools that allow you to input all of the 'extras' that are needed...from drawing your model to seam allowances, panel stamping and output options.